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Do the old "Make A List and Check it Twice"

It is a lot of fun getting ready for Deer hunting every year. It is one thing that is really nice not to rush. I work the hunter sight in days at my Gun Club and it never ceases to amaze me the number of hunters that really are not ready the day before the opener. We all have a ton of things going on in our lives but it isn't like the opener suddenly just showed up. We all know when it is each year, and it shouldn't be that hard to get everything together ready to rock. I find that I bring different stuff than I did when I started hunting Deer back in 1984. I also found after going Elk hunting that I packed less the second time. I really wasn't sure exactly what I would need differently for hunting Elk in Idaho compaired to Minnesota Deer hunting. I truely love getting out Deer hunting and I find it more fun if I am not all stressed out on Opening Day.

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