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another big reason we're seeing bigger bucks is license sales continue to drop. This year we didn't see a single archery hunter anywhere. For the last few years we barely see any does. The doe tag sales have reduced the deer herd big time. We still see low grade bucks with big bodies, indicating either bad genes or poor nutrition. My opinion, PA went too far in reducing doe numbers. If we see 2.5 year old bucks with a single spike, set of spikes, 3 pt what good is the 3 or 4 on one side do for hunters, those bucks probably will never carry a legal set of antlers then just pass along bad genes. I hunt Clearfield county just to give an idea of location. Clearfield use to top the kill list every year now it's pretty far down the list last time I looked. Late season flintlock, we never see another hunter either. 39 hunting seasons in PA and I do not like the 3 point requirement. Now they have another requirement in some areas the brow tine doesn't count so you need 3 main points to be legal. Soon you'll need a calculator to determine whether to shoot or not. If they go to a spread requirement I'm done in PA.
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