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Karl.Luhr said, "5. This is what I really like about Deer Hunting- Selecting your Deer Rifle and getting it ready."

I'm glad someone mentioned the "gun." Depending on the Laws in your State about Private Land hunting, you may want to be sure that the gun you intend to use, is allowed. (For example, here in CT, I can't use my 45/70 UNLESS I'm on Private Land, with at least 100 Acres - I believe it reads).

Another thing, since you didn't mention your gun, is the accuracy factor. I presume you have been zeroing it in, so you can get a clean kill?

I'm assuming also, since you didn't mention it, that you have all your gear together? I'm gonna suggest (I am a rookie as well, but I think this valid) that you make sure you have a First Aid kit in your bag; some plastic surgical gloves, a compass, a good pair of binoculars, a good knife or two for skinning and gutting, a good set of boots for the woods, etc.........the idea here........take inventory before you go out and wish you had something with you that you don't.


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