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Slug Guns

Can't say I am familiar with the Slug Gun you are asking about, and I'm sorry about that.

HOWEVER, I CAN suggest that you avoid buying the Savage Stevens, Model 67 Slug Gun. I DID own one of those. I shot Brenneke Slugs thru it. Nothing wrong with the Slugs themselves, but the gun was cheaply made and made me nervous every time I fired it.

For some reason, back in my "stupid" days, I decided to put a Scope (10x) on that gun. Not a great idea, but...........I DID manage to hold a 4" centered spread at 100 yards.

They asked me at the Firing Range why I set the target at 100 yards, and I had no particular reason. Turns out they recommend 50 yards for a slug gun. Oh I was during my "stupid" years. (lol)


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