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"A bad day in the woods, is better than a good day at work" Applies here, doesn't it!! I am a "nature" buff by upbringing and have a lot of "time" in the woods, regardless of whether or not I "hunted" big game during that time.

I've talked about "hunting" Pennsylvania. I have a few folks I know who have hunted there in the past, and I know that, for a while at least, Pennsylvania was inundated with deer along Route 80, and all around. So much so that you could just shoot your gun in any given direction and you were likely to hit one. Almost like killing fish in a barrel, really. No "sport" involved.

I'm seriously looking into the Pennsylvania laws regarding licensing for out-of-state hunters like me. If you (3212) or any other Pennsylvanianite has a suggestion for where to hunt, (eastern half of the State, preferably), or would be willing to bring this rookie along, I'm interested in your idea!


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