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Inards: leave where I field dress it & hunt over it for Yotes
Hocks: I leave on till we butcher & we butcher our own
Dragging: I agree with Tator (Family & friends) I always carry my treestand safety harness with me (came with a drag strap) attach star to back of vest & pull works great & fairly easy + your hands are free
we will take turns as we all use the same style harness just unclip & clip to the next person
sitting: I am 41 & I love to stalk hunt I am mostly on the move but I never feel like I fully understand the deer so I am always trying to figure them out & I feel moving around helps me understand what they are doing that year
& I just am a guy always on the go so I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time

Gear is a tough one depends on where I am hunting if I am in one of my small land tracks I only go in with what I have to
Lagre parcels I am prepared to spend the night if something happens
Scents: not a big scents hunter Just use scent killer products

Mounts: Like You & Tator I am a meat hunter & will not pass up on a nice buck. I have my first one on my wall & this year freezer is now pretty full so I am antler hunting
Rounds: I always carry double what my gun can hold
Days: I hunt all year long deer, Turkey, Sheds & scouting for me it is a year round deal
we also do a week hunt in NY as like you it is a day trip just to drive there so we will hunt that area every year trouble with hunts like this is we do not do guided hunts so it takes a few years to know the property. only spending a week a year there

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