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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
getting wet and high winds at least you didn't freeze too. Getting rid of the two pests was a good thing!
The temp did DROP yesterday though, by 5pm it was around 40 and then last night it dropped even lower. The female yote startled me though... she let me get within 25 yds and I've NEVER willingly been that close to a coyote ESPECIALLY walking up on one. I've had them come right in front of a stand while hunting, but never the other way around. I figured she must've had something wrong with her.

Originally Posted by WhoDat View Post
I see cyotes all the time where I hunt and have thought that I g=should make a hunt after the season to clear them out. Never considerd shooting them while on stand wouldnt want to spook deer away. Sounds like a good couple days on stand to me you saw plenty deer, musta had some relaxing time in nature.
Well in my case, the winds were so strong, the sound of my shot probably didn't carry very far and with the rain yesterday, deer often associate gun shots with thunder so it didn't spook them. I saw the doe and rutting buck probably 5 minutes after killing the coyote.
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