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Muzzy vs Rage

I have to admit the 6 pt buck was taken even though I made a poor hit on him. He was in close so I took a pretty high downward shot which I was too high hitting him in the spine breaking his back. The buck went down immediately and had to be dispatched. The reason for the post is, using the muzzy MX3 broadheads shows they have what it takes to get the job done and why I have faith in them. Two bucks shot by my good hunting buddy this year were shot with Rage 3 blades and both traveled well over 400 yds and we recovered one of them. His 9 pt in PA traveled only 60 yds. He is going to try the new Rage 2 blade with the twist tip. I've seen too many deer hit with the rage 3 blade heads, travel long ways or not recovered to ever reccomend them. I've used many many broadheads over the years but the Muzzy line of broadheads, especially the MX3's, have me convinced they are at the top of the list. Everyone has their favorite broadhead, I thought I'd pass along some in the field observations that took place this year. Of the three deer shot this year I had one that went 60 yds, one 20 yds and the last one down on the spot. Muzzy's bad to the bone.
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