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Opening Weekend

Well, I don't know about you guys, but this weekend was a REAL bummer here in Missouri. Saturday morning I woke bright and early to find that the temp outside at 4:30am was 61 degrees. I made my way to the stand and at around 7:30am saw two coyotes come out of the main trail I was watching for deer. I shot the bigger of the two at 200yds (I stepped it off) and that pic is below (1st pic). I then saw a young 6 point buck that was approximately 350 yds away and decided not to risk shooting him at such a long distance. The wind was extremely gusty all morning long and there were constant winds around 15mph and gusts up to 40 mph- constant. I broke for lunch and ate WAAAY too much (thanks mother-in-law and my wife!). I then went back out and noticed on my trucks thermostat that it was now 79degrees outside. Yea! I went to another stand I had and hunted it until dark. I did see one nice 8pt but he did not give me time to shoot as he was nose to the ground, and chasing like crazy at around 300yds. The night ended with seeing 2 does come out and I waited and waited for a buck, and then thought about taking a doe. But then I remembered that last year I shot what I thought was a doe that was with another doe and ended up being a button buck. I didn't want to chance that again in the dark of evening. So I passed.

I woke up once again at 4:30am and checked the weather. Thermostat on the back porch once again said 60degrees. I walked outside and about fell over from the shock of the wind. The gusts were at a constant 20-25 mph with heavy gusts reaching around 45 maybe 50mph. These gusts LITERALLY continued until approximately 11am. Yea! While at my first stand, I saw the same young 6 as the day before and I did see a nice 10 that once again did not give ANY time to shoot. Once again, feeling disappointed, I left my stand and headed to another stand that would better be suited for a 40mph southern wind. Once there, the temp and weather changed in a hurry. I knew a front was coming in and thought I'd ride it out. It was around 10am when the winds shifted and began blowing hard out of the west and eventually later in the day the north. Rain began to fall and it fell hard constantly for the next 5 hours. I left the stand, got soaked and cold and headed in to eat some food (thanks again mother-in-law and my wife!). After lunch the rain let up just a little bit, so I decided to head to my southern most hunting area where I have ground blind set up on the side of a wooded hill over looking a bottom. I proceeded to sit there for the next 3 hours and watch it downpour rain. Did not see a thing the entire time. I told myself, I'm going to leave and go home if at 4pm this rain is still coming down. Sure enough, at 4pm, I got out of the blind, started walking to the truck and what do you think happened?? Yep, rain stopped. Right then and there. I was a little upset about it but a little relieved. I decided to walk through the 45+ acres of woods behind my in-law's house and right off the bat, I spotted a coyote that was only 25 yds from me. She was hopping around like she was injured and I shot her. Upon closer inspection she had one leg that was broken and a lot of sores on her joints. She was eating on something and I discovered it was a deer carcass- as you can see in the bottom of PIC 2. I followed the trail that she had left and eventually found a skull of a 6 point buck that was probably 2 years old when he died. (I'll have to take a pic of that some other time- it was too dark when I found it). I then walked through the woods and saw a doe being chased by a nice buck- which once again did not give me time to shoot him. (BELIEVE ME, I"M NOT SLOW WITH A RIFLE!!!!!!!!!) and saw another doe that I walked up on and she jumped up about 4 yds away from me and scared the living crap out of me.

So that was my opening weekend and the weather wasn't good, but at least I took care of the two coyotes.

Anyone want to guess what the weather was like this morning before I went to work??????? 30 degrees and had a NICE freeze last night- only supposed to get up to 39 today.
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