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As I look with hindsight (20/20) into my own history, I would have liked it if "hunting" was part of my passage to manhood. I was surrounded by hunters, and had a number of them in my own family. Don't know why it was never brought to my attention directly. It was a situation where the "men" went on a hunt, and we "boys" were left at home.

There WERE other ways in which we "boys" were encouraged in self-reliance and self-preservation however. For that I am thankful.

To have the "boys" along with the "men" then, is my own way of thinking of things. I'd cherish the opportunity to take the "boys" along (when they are "ready" - which can be at different ages, depending on the "boy") and I look forward to doing that with my grandsons!

It doesn't mean (imho) that the "men" can't hunt during the time the "boys" are along. In fact, I'm perfectly "ok" with having anyone who is Licensed taking the shot, regardless of age. In fact, if the "man" is willing to do it, I think he should give the "boy" the first shot. The "boys" won't be with them on EVERY trip, and there is a time when they go hunting on their own when they get older, so enjoy it now, together.

That said, the term "boy" does not exclusively mean "male" by the way. I'm no chauvinist!

My wife and I had two girls, one of which would "not want to kill bambi," and the other that would be perfectly fine with it. If my wife had not asked me to remove the guns from the house, in deference to small children, I would have taught them how to handle a weapon, respect a weapon, and shoot a weapon. The next step would have been the Firing Range, and then the woods. But alas, that was not to be.


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