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Originally Posted by tator View Post

This past weekend Missouri had the "youth portion" of deer season. This is something that I am not in favor of for many reasons. Now, before everyone gets upset with me, hear me out. I am NOT saying having a youth portion is a bad thing- I think it's great. But Missouri hosts their's the weekend before regular firearms season. To me, this is unfair to all those hunters who do not have kids, whose kids do not hunt, or kids are too young to hunt. I fall in the last category, my kids are too young to hunt.

Here's my beef. All those adults pay good money to have a food plot or work their land constantly all year long only to have the neighbor kid shoot the prize buck a weekend before. Now, granted, I realize bow season goes all the way up until firearms season, but sometimes on that mature buck, they just never come in close for a bow-kill.

To me it's not right and not fair. I believe the youth season should be the weekend AFTER the regular firearms season.

I understand them wanting kids to be able to see more deer and yes, they will DEFINITELY see deer the weekend before regular season b/c the rut is already in effect (starting phase). But what are we teaching kids? That every time you go hunting you're going to see deer? To me that's not right. We need to teach them that hunting requires patience and hard work.

Don't even get me started on how many "dad's" out there do the shooting for their son/daughter. One word, unethical.
I agree that it is unethical for the dads to do the shooting but have a bit different take on timing of the youth hunts. Here in Kansas youth season this year was SEp8- Sep 15 Bow season opened on sep 16 and rile opens on Nov 28-Dec9 My 13 yr old got a nice Doe on Sept 8 and my 12 year old got a GREAT 9 point on Sep15 NOw I worked our land for three years and hunt heavy and never had a shooter buck give me a shot. Now maybe my thoughts are tainted because it is MY sons who benefitted but its just like fishing in my thoughts if you take a young one and the fish dont bite they lose interest. Well we all know late season after the deer have been hunted they are jumpy and go nocturnal. I like Kids hunting first let them see calm relaxed deer and get to shoot. This gets them hooked and gives them a reason to work through the hard hunts later. We need the next generation to be hunters to maintain this sport, if we make them get in line and hnt after we scare the deer and they sit in the cold with out seeing deer they will RUN back to the video game letting a wonderful way of life fade slowly into oblivion.

Just my thoughts
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