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Originally Posted by gfdeputy2 View Post
it would depend where I hunt
our area the amount of hunter has dropped dramaticly
you may only see a couple hunters in town where as years ago you would need to be at your spot by 3AM & like others stated I know the land I hunt very well & is loaded with hills & valleys so I try to always take the high point & shoot downward
we can walk you through the scope mounting if need be LOL

Wonder why there has been a reduction of hunters in your area? Suppose the number of deer/elk/moose/caribou have thinned out?

To get back on topic, when there is a good grove of trees, I'd want to find a more "open area" to avoid any potential for ricochet, but what I DON'T know, is if hunting in a clearing is more likely to produce more wildlife visits in that area, even if it DOES help with reducing the chance of ricochet.

(As for the Scope mounting; I'm assuming, remove the screws, place the base, place the rings and scope, adjust forward and back for head position and eye clearance, go to the range and adjust for windage and elevation).


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