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I sat in one of our new spots right outside of town this morning. Its the same place is hunted a few evenings ago and left cause someone was target shooting. Id never sat there in the morning but I knew there'd been a lot of deer on the field behind it at night. I got in the stand and about 15 minutes later there was a bunch of does walking through the field is came in on. One doe walked in behind me right as it was getting daylight but I couldn't get my bow. I was getting the stare down. She followed the rest back out in the field and they all left. I tried rattling and grunting and a little 2x2 walked right where she had been. He was real jumpy. He left and I rattled and grunted some more. A nice 11 point walked right back in that same spot. I drew back and my stupid shoulder locked up. He looked up at me and gave me the stare down. Finally he walked away to the field. I grunted to get him to come back and this guy came out of the creek. They walked around each other snorting and the 9 point walked in that same spot 15 yards to my left. I drew back, let it go, and he ran 30 yards on the other side of my stand. I thought is hit him but he was standing there like nothing had happened and there was no arrow in him. I got pissed, knocked another arrow, and figured if he came back around maybe id get another shot. I grunted once. He took a deep breath and looked like he was gonna jump and run and suddenly collapsed like a ton of bricks.

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