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Originally Posted by tator View Post
This is why I do not donate any money to anything, except for my church in the form of a tithe. There are too many organizations out there that do not use the money they get for what they are saying. I think we'd all be surprised at how many of these organizations use the donation money to pay workers within the organizations (i.e. their salaries). Now in my case, I have no problem with my money going into my pastor's pocket as part of his salary. He is God's worker.
I second you Tator. We do not donate to any orginizations unless they clearly state how that money is going to be spent. Honest orginzations will disclose this info. We dontate to our church (tithes and offerings), a local Right to Life orginazations, and our family persnally supports missionaries. We know how that money is being spent.

Unfortunately we also donate a huge chunck to the federal goverment (not by personal) choice and a lot of that goes to things we do not support or approve.

We do not compromise our values and I am sure there are orginizations out there that help women with out destroying life.

One of the great things about our country is we can choose to support what we belive in freely. Freedom and liberty!
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