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haha, sorry I had to laugh when I read "first aid kit"- I don't know why, but they are always a good idea to have while hunting!

In Missouri, we have to wear the orange on our head and upper body. I have a ball-cap I wear and vest. Now I hunt in box-blinds so I typically only wear mine while traveling to and from the stand.

I have a good friend who swears deer can see blue. I don't know why, but he once told me many stories of 'tests' he'd done and the blue spooked them every time?? Who knows. I'm with you, I believe they are color blind.

They also do not have good depth-perception at all. This is why sometimes with you only being 10 yds away they'll stand there and stare at you and sometimes when they are 300+ yds away and see you they'll sprint away blowing. But then again, it's also why they'll run from you at 10yds and they'll stand there staring at you from 300+yds. haha
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