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Typically your neck and head are the parts of the body that have the least clothing on them (in cold weather hunting) that's why most scent comes from there.

Here's what I do:
I buy the green body soap that is scent killer and it'll last me all season (bow and rifle). It lathers up real good and leaves your body smelling neutral. I also wash any and all clothing that comes into contact with my body directly. If I sweat at all during the hunt, I'll wash everything before the next hunt. We have a bathroom in our laundry room so I just pile up the stuff that needs to be washed in the bathtub (that never gets used) and I'll wash it all at one time. I do use scent eliminating detergent as well and I dry my clothes in the dryer or I hand them up outside to dry. I do use scent spray for my clothes, but I don't go overboard with it. I spray my boots just as I'm preparing to begin walking to my stand and I'll spray all over my clothing just once. I also only wear my under clothes to the field. I'll carry my camo overalls and coat in a big tub and only put them on when I get to the field. same with my boots- I only put them on when I get to the field. ALSO- if I can bear it, I'll even walk to my stand in just my under clothes (thermals) and put my clothes on in the stand b/c that way you won't sweat on your walk in.

This has worked well for me. It keeps most of the scent off.

Body wash- I get the big 32 ounce- $15-$20 (lasts all season long)
Scent Spray- I get the big 24 ounce- $10-$15 (I usually buy two of them)
Detergent- two will probably do you for the whole season - $10

**Keep in mind, all three of these things will go on sale around Januaray/February and that's when to shop for them. I got the bodywash for only $10, a HUGE thing of scent spray with two spray bottles for only $15 (over 60ounces worth) and detergent for $5.

Januaray and February is the best time to buy your hunting stuff- especially at wal-mart!

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