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Taking The Wife To Cabela's Is Dangerous!

Today, the wife wanted to see the Mosin Nagant 91/30 that Cabela's was holding for me.

I told her it was too big a gun for her 4 Ft. 11 In. self. She's got M.S. which is another complication.

So we went into Cabela's and then she had a chance to see and feel up close, the size and weight of the gun. She was decidedly changed in her thinking.

So much so, that the next thing I knew, she was out at the used gun racks, (mind you, this is a gal who has NEVER held or shot a gun), looking at old single-shot .22's from some old year (Winchester).

Next thing I knew, I was up at the counter buying her the .22.

This meant yet another paper trail, since all I have at this point is my CT Conservation ID, (no Hunting Safety classes open right now, and that's a prerequisite to a Hunting License, as you all know).

So while we were waiting, naturally, we had to "shop!" I ended up with two boxes of 45-70 shells; one box of .22 Winchester "shorts;" a blaze vest (insulated); a Bushnell (XLT?) 3x10 Scope; a weaver Scope Base and a set of Weaver Scope Rings; a pair of inexpensive binoculars; a gun strap; a butt shell band (holds like 9 rounds); a lockable Ammo Box; A lock; a First Aid Kit; A trigger lock for her bolt action .22; a cable lock for my 45-70; a Cleaning Kit; A camouflage backpack; a USGI Compass; ......
(and I think that's it?!)

Do I have to wear a "blaze" hat??????


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