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Muting or Killing My Own Scent

I'd imagine there are about as many versions of how to remove your own scent from the equasion, as there are deer hunters.

One fella I watched recently, in his video on YouTube, talking about "hunting for deer," spoke of how he puts his hunting clothes in a bag with soil, leaves, branches, etc., that come from the area where he is going to hunt. Then he takes them out when he actually GOES on a hunt.

I suppose some simple rules apply: Being downwind, not wearing cologne or Anti-perspirant, etc.. I'd want to be as odorless as possible, right?

This same guy said that he doesn't even wash his hunting clothes in normal detergent. He washes them in Baking Soda (if memory serves).

Just how "anal" does one have to be, with neutralizing his/her own scent?


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