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Default Iron Sights -vs- Scopes

This ought to stir up a can-o-worms, but that's not my intent. I'm just a newbie, asking "newbie" questions (aren't you tired of those??? lol).

I said I want to rely on my iron sights on the gun, but I'm being encouraged to put a 1.5 x 7 (or thereabouts) on my gun.

Two things, .......

A) I can appreciate the fact that, at 55, my eyes aren't what they
used to be, and having a Scope will help me achieve a "clean kill."
B) Back when I had another gun years ago, I remember being whacked
in the forehead by the Scope on THAT gun, and I don't want a repeat
of that; especially with the kick of a 45-70!

Your thoughts, advice, opinions, appreciated.......

I have been studying up, and it looks like Weaver is the most popular form
of Scope Base Plate, with a variety of rings to choose from. The "quick release" rings bother me. I figure if you snag a branch or whatever, you could slip that locking handle loose.

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