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Field Dressing a Deer

That's a broad topic headline, to be sure. Here are some of the "newbie" things I'm seeing that weren't covered in Boy Scouts 101:

-Where do you leave the innards (some States require to dig a hole and
bury them of course)? Why NOT leave them out for the wild animals to
have something to feed on?
-Only one video I saw, about "Field Dressing a Deer" spoke of cutting the
Scent Glands (a.k.a.= Hocks) off first, or at all. Do Bucks have these,
or only Does; do YOU think they should be removed? (yes, I'll study up
on the anatomy of a
-How do you "drag" a deer out of the woods over a fallen tree or through
rivers on those mats they sell for carting your deer out of the woods?
(sounds stupid at first, but I got thinking about those dragging mats,
and realized that the woods can be a very unfriendly place).
-Is it more practical for these 55 year old bones of mine, to hunt alongside
a trail near feeding or nesting spots (or by their favorite water hoel),
than to walk for miles and hope I see one?
-Is it better to go "hunting" for deer, armed with only the appropriate
gear and a good pair of binoculars; or to use all that AND the various
"stuff" you can buy (scents, calls, etc.) How much is overkill?
-I've had a "respectable" fish mounted and put on my wall, but my desire
to hunt deer is for the meat. In the event I can't resist shooting that
"12 point Buck," one day, BECAUSE of the "12 points," what's type of
Rack mount is more logical. (Can be a very expensive thing!!).
-How many rounds should I have on hand, when I go out? (I'm tempted
to only bring 3 or 4. Can't see blasting away endlessly, and I'd rather
be a good shot with one round for a clean kill).
-How many days in a row is about the maximum for most of you. Is it
fair to say that a 3-day trip in the woods is about the limit?

I've got a lot more questions, (I know, I know), but these are good for starters!!


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