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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
With all the printed writeups on which is better, which did you go with on this rifle? Is the round the same as a 300 whisper but with a lighter bullet and higher pressures?

I went with the 300 BO, first because of cost. It was the least expensive caliber to get into instead of another 5.56 . Uses the 5.56 bolt and mags. Just a barrel swap.

Second reason is - that Freedom Group has made a commitment to this caliber and has dumped alot of money into it. H&R and AAC got together and made a threaded 300 single shot, Remington has a bolt gun. Ammo is not to bad. I think I am paying $12.00 per box.

This caliber just seems to be right. CMMG stopped producing 6.8SPC barrels totally.... Switched production to 300 BO.

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