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Over the years I've tried both ways now I cut around the outside and remove it through the inside. Once back at camp I split the pelvic area anyways. Anytime you get stomach material, urine, or other debris inside the body cavity, just use several buckets of water to flush out all the contaminates. This is another reason to always hang your deer from the head as it helps to drain all the unwanted blood out. Hanging deer from the legs allows blood to accumulate in the neck and upper chest cavity. If you cannot skin it it and the weather is warm slide bags of ice into the chest cavity to help cool it down. You will quickly learn not to slide your knife too deeply when opening up the abdominal area as you will have bad things springing out all over. Pull the stomach skin up and just get the knife under it. Practice makes you learn quickly. There will be lots of advice here, hope this helps some.
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