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Originally Posted by tator View Post
AWESOME man! I wish my 4 year old could go with me but he's WAAAY too loud and would probably have to poop or pee 5 minutes into the hunt. haha

I love him to death, but he's just not ready for hunting yet. :)
It was awesome! I thought the same thing, mainly because I'm pretty sure my 4 year old has ADHD. But, I'm telling you he sat in that blind for a little over a hour and just looked out the window. We had some gummy worms which kept him busy, but he did great! He's been asking 3 times a week if we can go again. It's hard explaining to a 4 year old what "seasons" are. Told him we're going to shoot a doe but that doe like the snow so we half to wait until Christmas when it's cold and snowy. I tell you another rewarding part is that we've been eating venison 3 times a week and both my kids love it! So now, every time we sit down and eat some venison we get to talk about the hunt and they get all excited again.
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