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PLEASE Pray for our Nation

I first want to ask that this post NOT be moved from this location as it is current news and issues especially with the upcoming elections. Thank you respectively. -tator

Listen guys and gals, this is the real deal. This man has made so many promises to us that have been broken or have not even happened. I pray for this nation daily that we will open our eyes and see what is happening to it. I don't think we realize that our freedom is in jeopardy. Either that or some of us don't really care. We are being stripped of the very things our founding fathers wanted us to have and be able to do freely. This idea of socialism is NOT ok for America. This is not a place where the poor can remain poor because there are free handouts around every corner. Our country is becomming a very dangerous place to live and grow in. Did you know that since the year 2000 the #1 religion that has grown in the USA is Muslim? That is 100% truth. That religion has grown by 67% since 2000. There are still plenty of Christians out there that are the majority however, but the threat is there. The very basis of the Muslim faith is to do away with all other religions and people. They do not worship God, they worship a god. Granted there are muslims in this country who do not look to destroy nor harm the USA, but then again there are also Christians who do not attend church every Sunday too. My point is this, We need to get rid of this man and get rid of his ways and his tactics. He's not a President and I'm sorry that he's in the most prestegious office in our nation. He's an embarassment and I feel EXTREMELY led by God, the LIVING GOD, MY LORD, to please urge you to show people in your life this video. This to me, a devote Republican, was even an eye opener. This is the circle this man has created. It's one gigantic circle that goes NO WHERE. We need change alright, change from Obama. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR NATION that is STILL UNDER GOD!

James 1:2-8
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