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I've tried it and it doesn't work. Make sure you don't use it when the wind it blowing b/c it'll drift right away. A calm breeze will keep the scent lingering for awhile. My problem with it is that they advertise it like you should spray the entire bottle (in fact if you press the trigger down all the way it locks in spray mode- look out!) but the fact is that if you spray the whole bottle you 1. just wasted $6 and 2. now have every buck scared b/c you have filled literally the entire area with about 100 different buck's scents and it's a complete overload for them.

Now, I do like the scent dripper and have had good luck with them like bigevil said. I like the active scrape kinds below. I find a place where there is a low horizontal branch across an existing trail and I'll make a mock-scrape right next to the trail,, NOT ON the trail. Then start your dripper right there over that spot. They work well.
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