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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Very true KD, it seems like when I'm NOT trying to find hunting places they land in my lap. Church is a good place to start! I've had 5-6 people at church tell me to come hunt their land b/c they have deer eating bushes, flowers, etc....

Yes the land I hunt now(other than public land) is 160 acres of CRP fields that I was given permission to hunt (with out asking) by a lady at my church. Problem is , and not to sound unthankful I love hunting the land, it is 60 miles from my house.

Issue is in asking to hunt a specific piece of land a cold call if you will. I have my eye on a specific piece of land that has no posted signs on it perimeter.and I do not know who owns it. I am asking about Approaching in that way.
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