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Thank you HM I greatly enjoy watching them too in Texas best thing I could see other than deer were hogs and a few exotics but never anything like a bear. I don’t think I could handle having one start up the stand with me, I know I wouldn’t have liked an encounter that up close and personal either. I actually went last night and helped a guy get a bear he shot out of the woods probably between 250 and 300 pounds normal for this area. before we had it gutted we had a pack of coyotes on all around us in all four directions. We turned our lights off snuck to the four wheelers to get the spotlight waited about 10 minutes hit the light and had at least 5 or 6 on us at once only having a pistol (Sig 9 mm with laser grip) we came up with one. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Bruce thank you for the response as well this all makes sense to me but as stated just looking for a little assurance as people in this new area for hunting for me have some pretty weird ideas and ways about them….
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