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Well, I do not want to damage my wood on some of my hunts that are usually rough on my guns especailly when I go up a grade or down a grade and slip on the rocks and occasionally ding my stock. I have decided to give it a try and bought a Hogue Over Mold long action full bed aluminum block stock in the same color as the one for my 30-06 and it should be here sometime the middle of next week. Here are pictures from the Hogue site but it is in gray. Also, the same Burris that was on the 30-06 is now on the 8mm Rem Mag because I put the FX II 6x36mm LR Duplex Leupold on my 7mm08 M48 TGR because my 6 power fixed Weaver gave up the ghost and will not adjust windage.

I am loaded and ready. I have 20 loads four 5 shot groups all with 220gr Sierra SBT, IMR7828, Rem brass, Rem 9 1/2M primers all trimed to the same length and the only difference is that two 5 shot groups have necks turned and two 5 shot groups don't. Want to see if it makes much difference. Run out should be much less since I am not using the RCBS seating die but a new Hornady Custom Grade new demension die set.

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