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Shot distance

Got discused else where & really making me think now
as I have stated in the past. I try to shoot my bow everyday at least a 1-2 doz per day every day all year long. I practice out to 70 yards (personally I will not take that shot)
last year I took a doe @53 yards I was confident I would make that shot & I did deer went less then 60 yards it seemed like an easy shot to me situation was perfect no wind wide open trail ect..
well long story short elsewhere on the net guy is getting bashed for wanting to be able to take a 50 yard shot next year he knows he isn't ready this year so he wanted to know what he should do to be able to make that shot
I know the risk is higher at a longer distance but personally I think it is up to the ability of the shooter to determine what distance he/she should shoot at
what do you think about it & just looking to what is the longest shot you will take mine is 55-60 yards

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