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When we owned a farm in PA folks used to come up to us all the time. The key is the conversation: be friendly, don't rush it like it's a yes-or-no right now answer. Strike up a conversation. Make small talk (he knows what you're there for anyway but it's a game). Ask him if he hunts and offer to share. Most importantly, follow their rules exactly! If the farmer says "don't hunt that field", then don't hunt that field. We had bozos shoot at our horse during the season.

Oh, and show up looking like you work for a living, not in a suit. We snickered at "the suits" that used to come by and they never got permission. But also don't show up looking like your NYC Runway show was put on by Cabelas. Look like an average Joe, ask him the hp of his tractor or combine, and be a regular guy....

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