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Just got back tonight from Michigan bow hunting. The Muzzy MX3 broadheads preformed perfectly. Both deer were dead on their feet after double lung shots. Just to note: My buddy using the Rage 3 blade, we tracked his several hours late at night, then got back on the trail the next morning to find the buck alive and had to dispatch him. The hit was very frontal tucked tight to the left leg angled down and hit the opposite leg low. This is the same hit that he lost a buck in PA last year. These are not perfect hits but do catch the front of the lung. This buck traveled 1/2 mile before we found it the next day. We did not push it but waited 1 hr to go look for it. The Muzzy hit deer crashed down at 25 yds and 60 yds. I tried the Rage heads before and they are not for me.
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