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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
Personally, I think Muzzy broadheads are hands down the best broadhead on the market,
I've used too many others to try to mention them all but Muzzy's have never failed me and I'm comfortable suggesting them for you too.

If you're already using 100 grain broadheads, I would stick with that weight and use Muzzy's MX-3 blade

Good Luck
I am a new Bow Hunter with more misses than Kills on my resume. I am actually 1-2 if I were keeping track. I have only shot to types of Broadhead some Carbon Express from Wal Mart and These Muzzy's which were recomended from my cousin. The deer i killed was cut big time i actuaully took a pic of the entrance wound ill put up in a bit for you. Good broad head flie smooth.
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