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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I shoot an axe 6 obviously a crappy brace height, I have no problems killing deer 10-50 yds, brace height is all in your head. I was a natural anyways with bows and guns. To me everyone thinks they are a politician. Just buy a bow and read about it, then instruct yourself and don't listen to anyone. My best advice is the people that say they are good are usually not. Just look at my wall at my house full of pictures and deer photos, I shot them with crap bows that cost 100 bucks to 800 dollar bows.

Best advice, go to the archery store after you shoot it, go on ebay or and buy a used one.
sorry worst advice I have ever heard Just buy a bow then read about it WOW thats a great way to do it & Don't listen to anyone ok where is the Troll spray?????

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