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What do you wash your hunting clothes in? Have you sprayed them with UV killer? I stray from the rest when it comes to scents, I try to eliminate all the scent I can and try to set up with the wind in my favor, and I never add scent to an area. To me any scent I add like doe pee or buck scent or the thousand other scents out there is a potential alert for the deer, but that's just me.

If you have not used the UV killer or have used commercial detergent with brightners in it that could be your problem. Your clothes may be lighting up like a neon sign to a deer.

Lastly higher is not always better when it comes to tree stands. High stand placement can make a close bow shot difficult. The higher you are and the steeper the angle the smaller your kill zone is.

Y'all go ahead and beat me up now over the scent use. :)

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