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Originally Posted by Bwittmer View Post
Hello all,

I would like this to be my first time out hunting and I am from Hilton New York. I have had my hunting license for about 10 year's now with no where to hunt. I have seen quite a few deer while try to hunt on state land but every time I have lined up the shot it was wrecked by someone else shooting there deer that they saw. But you cannot get mad at them getting one. I have always had the interest to hunt but growing up my parents always told me gun's where bad, Come to find out they where wrong and it is only people that are bad. I want to learn how to hunt so I can also get my kids in to it when they are old enough for it. If you have any tip that might help me become a better hunter please let me know. I hunt with a mossberg maverick 88 and I am 30 year's old. Best luck to all and happy hunting :)
So, your hunting with a shotgun slug?
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