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According to Q/L the 180gr GS Custom has a BC .463, 4175ft pounds of energy at muzzle using IMR7828, still 2000ft pounds of energy at 560yds, 2.4" high at 100yds with a zero of 270yds, -5 at 350yds not bad not bad at all - plus still moving at 2174fps at 600yds and the GS will open up at 1500/1600fps (these ballistics are calculated at 4,000ft the lowest elevation I will encounter in Arizona where I am thinking about using them).

Now if GS will return my email about a USA distributor since they are setting up shop in the USA to manufacture the GS Custom I will get them faster. The GS out performed the TSX and TTSX in my 257Wby and 30-06 on terminal results on deer when I used them alternating between the two bullets during a 3yr period. Also, I have been able so far with 200gr, 220gr and 250gr bullets to duplicate with my Big 8 the velocities Q/L estimated and in one case even higher velocities. This will be truly interesting when I get some.

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