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believe it or not a mature doe can be the hardest deer to harvest because they maybe are the smartest deer in the herd. I always take extra care to wash all my hunting clothes in a scent free wash, scent loc, scent away are a couple of them. Hang your clothes outside to dry then store them in a plastic bag, unscented of course. Use a odor free hair/body wash prior to hunting. Next use a spray scent neutralizer on your clothes and boots and even your bow each time you hit the woods. Keep your back to the sun always. Don't move on stand especially during the morning and late evening when deer are most active. Cover scents are not needed and may be tipping the deer to your presence. Stay 20 yds to the side of well used trails setting up for a broadside shot. 20' high is more than plenty high for a stand, I never hunt that high, getting too old I guess. Try to find a tree with lots of background cover, pines, narley oaks, hemlocks, even maples if leaves are still on. I always have cover limbs around me to break-up my outline. Hanging pine branches upside down works great for cammoing in yourself. When the pre-rut begins we'll have another discussion. Good luck and be safe.

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