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Deer have a natural instinct to survive which means they must be wary at all times of what's going on in their homes
and believe me, they are sharp when it comes to knowing when something new arrives in their home, like a tree stand or a ground blind
or a man/woman in camo clothing sneaking around, that's why we try to hang stands weeks in advance so that the deer can get used to seeing them in their areas.

when you see that Doe, don't even bat an eye, the slightest movement will have her running off, she's looked up into that stand enough to know when something isnt right
but because she's still coming into the area tells me she's not sure what you are and so far she isnt afraid to check you out again.
the trick is moving when she's not looking, stay motionless, let her get in range, when the time is right draw on her,
if she runs grunt at her or whistle most times that will stop them long enough to touch off a kill shot. Good luck and keep us posted.

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