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I need a few opinions and/or help. I'm a first time bow hunter. Actually I have not ever harvested a deer. I started practicing about 6 months with my bow at different yardage and I am pretty good up to 30 yards and fair up to 40. Any back to the problem, I started a Special Urban hunt on Sept. 1st and have not harvested a deer yet. I have a fixed hang on stand at 20ft and I have a climibing stand. I've hunted the fixed stand about half the time since Sept. 1. I've got a doe that has busted me out just about everytime I am in that stand. I'm camo'ed up completely and have used every cover sent, but she still busting me out. I very still and get into my stand 2 hours before legal hunting time. I moved to a different location and used my climber at twenty and got busted out again. I tried it at 30 feet yesterday only saw a buck about 75 yards away. In both locations my game camera has the deer all over it at different times. I gotta harvest a doe first in the Urban hunt. My problem is why am I getting busted out by the same doe? Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreicated. And if I'm posting this Thread at the wrong place, I'm very sorry. Just correct me and I want do it again.
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