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I'm with HM as well. It's time we take care of ourselves for once. We have people spending money like crazy to help people out in other countries and we have no clue where the $ is going. My guess is it's not going where it should be. People today are easily scammed. You have to be very careful when people start asking you for personal information and especially if money is involved.
Now, what I would like to see is some sort of mandate on welfare people. This crap is making our country look bad and it's causing our children to want to be lazy. It's absolutely crap. If you don't fill out (NEATLY) at least 5 job applications and go to one interview a month, you don't get welfare. PERIOD. if you don't like it, tough. Also, right before you pick up your check, you have to take a MANDATORY piss test that tests for every illegal drug and you have to pass a breath-a-lizer. If you can not, NO CHECK, see you next month. Think of the OVER FLOW of $ we'd have off that?
ALSO- I'd like something done about our "disabled" Americans. NOW, not to upset anyone, I do believe there are MANY disabled people in our country who are VERY deserving of the $ and do a great job of spending/saving/preserving it. HOWEVER, when I go to wal-mart and there are Cadilac Escalde's parked in the handicaped spots with 24" rims, there's a problem.

down with Obama

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