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Got one... Why a 30-30? Marlin makes the exact same firearm in 35 rem (have one of those too) The 35 packs a bit more punch... ie: the 30-30 deflected off the shoulder of a deer quartering towards me... Luckily, the bullet went up through the neck and cut a major artery. Took the exact same shot with the 35 and bullet sahttered the shoulder, went throlugh one lung and lodged in the opposite hip, just under the skin. Id almost be willing to sell the 30-30 except for that I took my first deer with it. Though I paid $25. for it about thirty some odd years ago (new with a case and box of shells (from somebodys unhappy ex wife), I still use it as a backup gun for rain and snow days. The 35 is a 336c... it's nearly identical except for some decorations and a gold coloured trigger!
As far as accuracy, both "drive nails" at 100yds and are still ok out to about 175.
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