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QDMA would suggest removing a lot of them Doe's and I guarantee If NH issued permits or changed rules to allow more Doe harvests,
the majority of hunters would not go along with it so any attempt the state makes to correct the Buck to Doe ratio won't amount to squat.
There is a huge problem in many states where the hunters think they know more than the states trained Biologists,
that is exactly how it is here in Vt. A lot of Vermont hunters thought Vermont had Antler restrictions just to create bigger racked Bucks,
and no matter how you explain it to them, they'll never believe otherwise.

QDMA Quote;

"Depending on herd productivity and the intensity of buck harvest, the sex ratio often becomes heavily skewed in favor of females. In some herds, particularly those where substantial buck harvest occurs before the rut, this imbalance may result in some does not breeding during their first estrous (heat) period, or perhaps delay their first estrus. If does do not conceive during their first estrus, the next breeding opportunity will not occur until 28-30 days later. The doe’s fawns will be born one month later for each cycle missed. Later-born fawns have lower survival rates, lower weaning weights, and poorer antler development as yearlings than fawns born at the appropriate time of year.
Quality deer management (QDM) is a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and resource managers in a common goal of producing healthy deer herds with balanced adult sex ratios and age structures. This approach typically involves protecting young bucks while harvesting an appropriate number of female deer to maintain herds within existing environmental and social constraints."

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