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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
The moderators requested basic answers from the new owners as to who they are, what their stance on the right to bare arms is and their overall position on hunting. We did not receive responses to our questions and after some internet checking I didn't care for who they are period.
As a moderator who is not an owner of the site that I moderate, I guess that those are either questions the owner should have had answered before he sold it, or else it's just between the buyer and seller and you're left with voting with your feet.

Originally Posted by on_the_fly View Post
Well I hate to see anyone go, I feel it's not the owner that makes or breaks a site it's the members of it that makes it thrive in the first place.
It is the members who make a site, not the owners. The members contribute the information and the conversation, which is what makes a site useful and valid. I also hate to see anyone go. I doubt somebody bought the site just to shut it down, but you never truly know.

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