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Hunting Man's work here is done.

As all of you know the DHC has been sold. It appears that the new owners are a giant Canadian conglomerate that simply purchases web based sites. We have tried to get answers from them but to no avail as to who they are and what they stand for. I do not have that FAMILY feeling any longer thus I have no desire to be involved with the corporate scene. DHC was already a great hunting forum when I joined and subsequently asked to become a moderator. Since that time I have forged many on-line friends that I wished I could have shared a campfire or a hunt with. I hope that I have fulfilled my duties, as a moderator, to you the member's satisfaction. I always tried to give great latitude even when things got a bit warm. It's been fun and maybe down the road our paths will cross again. I'll probably check in from time to time, maybe even try to offer some oldie experience to a discussion. I would appreciate talking/checking in with you and can be reached at 419-698-1643. Thanks for all your friendships, be safe outdoors, teach your children to hunt and fish, happy hunting to all! Darrell "Hunting Man" Morse
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