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Mark don't sweat the small stuff. What you have done to this site & achived should be something you & your wife are be proud of.
I have always said when I am doing something even work that I am no longer enjoying it is time to let it go! This should have been You & your wifes decision & nobody elses. The way I see it you two did the right thing. what you accomplished here nobody can take that away.

"Last night she was talking about how DHC has been a part of our entire married life and how its kinda like we just lost something"
Understood let her know not to fret it is time for you to make new memories with your family.

You had to know this was coming
"If my wife reads this thread I think she would tear up."
That is because she knows now she is actually going to have to spend time with you.

Mark it is time for you to spend that time doing what you something else that gave you the same kind of feeling that you had when you started DHC & for Goodness Sake get out there & hunt You have time now
Remember when posting what may seem innocent to you may not to others,
text shows NO emotions so please,,, don't take it personal & automatically go on the defense.
Take it w/ a grain of salt, take it as a joke or just let it go.

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