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Originally Posted by gfdeputy2 View Post
You & the Mrs. have been great to all of us. I am so glad I found this site back in '08 I have the utmost respect for you & your family. to you for what you provided us & to your family for dealing with it & supporting what you enjoyed. I know how it is to start out doing something you Love & never think it could become something you hate. I think we all understand & support your decision. I know I never really thought about what kind of hours it took to run this site & I am very happy to hear you will be enjoying the free time w/ your family & getting back to doing stuff you once again enjoy Good Luck, Enjoy & THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING\

Thanks a lot man. Your words mean a lot. If my wife reads this thread I think she would tear up. Last night she was talking about how DHC has been a part of our entire married life and how its kinda like we just lost something. She was reminsing <----however you spell that) about back in our early days of marriage when the site just started one of my friends would come over and help me do stuff on the site. We would stay up till 2 in the morning staring at the computer screen and hollering at her to cook us more food. I bet I ate 2000 homemade quesdilla that year. Those were the good ol days when 1 new guy joined a week and I was thrilled that someone just accidently found the site.
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