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DHC Members

DHC Members,
As some of you are aware my ability to be actively involved over the last year has been tougher and tougher. This has made server/software enhancements take longer than they should and not happen as often as they should. In an effort to make sure that this Club stays alive and running as smoothly and effectively as it should I have sold both DHC and my failed attempt of to a company called Vertical Scope.
They have transferred the site over to their servers, and we are on a fast enough machine/host to keep things moving along at the speeds where they should be.
I apologize for not discussing this prior to making this move, but I was not allowed as a part of the transfer. This honestly, was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I did it knowing that VS has a huge network of sites, over 200, and the resources to support and maintain DHC and keep us running and updated as needed.
The forums will continue to be run by this team and the business/server side of the forum will be run by Vertical Scope. I would like you all the Moderators to continue doing the same job you all have been doing for years now to keep this Club growing and keep our member base active. I will still be here on the site and should now get to devote more time to being active on the forums again. What I enjoyed about the site during the first few years is now gone. I spend way to much time trying to keep it (traffic wise and tech wise) at the same level it has achieved over the past couple of years and less time on the reasons I started it. I am sick and tired of reading up on all the SEO changes google keeps making to their search engine and trying to adjust to keep our forums active with new members.
I also recently changed my work schedule at my normal job. Now I am working Mon thru Fri dayshift and coming home and trying to do the things that need to be done on DHC. I am sure you have noticed I have been on here less and less. Now that I sleep at home the same time as my wife and kids the time I spend in front of the computer is taking a toll on how much time I get to spend with them. It is now time for me to retire from sitting in front of the computer and graduate to helping my kids doing their homework! On one hand it really sucks and on the other I am glad to be free of the extra work.
When I started DHC I never had the intention of selling it one day. Vertical Scope just happened to offer to buy at a time that I was fed up with sitting in front of the computer. It also happened at a time that I thought DHC would be in better hands if someone else had it that could devote the time and resources into what it needs. How many years have I wanted to update our forums and make it available on mobile phones? I know its been several but I have never had the resources or the trusted tech knowledge to get it done on an existing site as large as DHC.
Sorry for the long post and for you having to read my ramblings. I have greatly enjoyed the relationships I have created on DHC and hope to have those to continue without the headache of running things. Ya’ll take it easy and I hope you understand why I did what I did.
Thanks for being a part of DHC.
Mark (buckfever)
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