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Up here in north central MO we got all together about 6 inches in the past week. Needed it badly and believe it or not, the grass is starting to turn green again! I don't know about you SEMO, but yesterday (Wed) and the day before (Tues) were about the most humid days I've ever experienced (and here in MO we have HUMIDITY!) Supposed to be a front coming through today and highs in the 70's tomorrow through sunday.

About your question- any fertilizer will do, I put 10-10-10 on my garden this year and it took off. The tomato plants are STILL producing tomatoes even with the drought, green beans were fantastic and corn was lacking a little bit. I think if you use the 12-0-12, you'll be ok, but just won't have as much flowering or bloom (depending on what you are growing). Basically it won't yield as much. But heck, it's better than nothing. I'm not going to attempt a food plot this year-- with my luck this drought will start back up and it'll all be for a loss OR we'll start getting 6+ inches of rain a week till Christmas!

Good Luck fellow Missourian!

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