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Redfield scopes of the past were second to none, in fact they were the scope to be judged against. Leupold has by all measures has become the scope to be judged against. With that said, due to cost only, I have purchased a couple of Pentax scopes recently to install on rifles that needed a low budget scope and so far they have been exactly what I wanted for these projects. I think in the new mid-price range, 200-300, I would go to the Leupold line and know that the money was well spent. Burris makes a fine scope, pricey, but pretty good. I have also purchased a couple of the old Denver Redfield scopes that were used on e-bay between $100-160.00 knowing I was getting one heck of a good scope. Never overlook quality on the used market, sometimes the money spent will prove to be a great investment. Just like great old cars some things don't get better being new/modern. Go on e-bay and look at scopes and what's available you'll find great scopes at good prices, just do your homework. Don't get me wrong if I had a $1000.00 to spend on a scope that's where quality really begins, but most of us are not in that purchasing boat.
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