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Can't a fella have a few secrets? No, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

I went with the Remington SPS SS .308. That is the basic synthetic stock and stainless. Did I NEED the stainless? Heck no, but I WANTED it, which is key. I may (but probably not) upgrade to an aftermarket stock in a few years but really I don't think I'll really NEED (there is that word again) to.

As for scopes I think I'll go with the Nikon Buckmaster. I have one on my ProHunter shotgun (3x9x40) and my brother has one (4.5x14.x40) on his 30-06. I found a few alternatives but I will probably just stick with what I know. I plan on sighting it in this weekend so I'll be choosing soon.

Thanks to all in this forum who helped talk me through this. It's more agonizing than most other choices in my life.
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